Ali Mobasser

Personal Space | 2014 - 2015

Following the untimely death of my aunt, I took solace in the valuble time spent with my two year old son. There was a healing power to his fearless sense of exploration and his untainted view of those around him. A noteworthy element to his inquisitive journeying was his often comical disregard of people's personal space. He would scooter right up to a stranger and stop an inch or two away from their feet and remain there, oblivious to the intimacy of his proximity.

Using the Rolleiflex camera that had once belonged to my grandfather, I took the opportunity to follow Faris into these spaces and document his journey. This instigating process would evolve into a series of what I would see as self portraits or reflections. I was exercising my grief by making myself vulnerable and revealing myself to those around me, wanting my presence to be felt by those I photographed.

Interview with British Journal of Photography

Interview with Vice Magazine